Aug 21 2015

Could Austin Potentially See a Personal Rapid Transit System to Help Transit Woes?

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As one of Austin’s struggling commuters in the ever increasing gridlock, wealthy entrepreneur Richard Garret feels he has the answers to the many transportation woes, a personal rapid transit (PRT) system.

As the region experiences population booms the demand on public and private modes of transportation has also seen a boost. With so many traffic issues, city officials are open to many...

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Aug 03 2015

11th Annual APTA Sustainability Conference

APTA, American Public Transportation Association, Eleventh Annual APTA Sustainability Conference, SolStop, Made in USA, Buy America Requirements, TriMet, #APTAsustainability15

Brasco International will be in attendance at the Eleventh Annual APTA Sustainability and Public Transportation Workshop this year. Hosted by Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon, this year’s workshop will focus on sustainable community development, maintaining a...

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Jul 27 2015

Public Transit Has Many Benefits, Here is Six

Public Transit Has Many Benefits, Here is Six, The Benefits of Transit in the United States: A Review and Analysis of Benefit-Cost Studies, Mineta Transportation Institute, Transit, Transit Shelter, Bus Stop, Made in USA, Economy,

According to The Benefits of Transit in the United States: A Review and Analysis of Benefit-Cost Studies,” a recently released white paper by the Mineta Transportation Institute, transit services provide a measureable benefits across various...

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Jul 01 2015

Talk of BRT in the Greater Boston Area

Talk of BRT in Greater Boston Area, BRT, Transit, Bus, Public Transit, Barr Foundation, The Study Group, BRT Line, HealthLine

Much talk has started over the possibility bringing BRT to Boston. With its high demand and density, many feel a BRT line would benefit Boston.

In a study conducted by the Barr Foundation comprised of design and engineering professionals, economic development agencies, universities, experts of the...

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Jun 19 2015

Bus Transit Systems Strengthen Economy

Bus Transit Systems Strengthen Economy, Made in USA, Michigan Manufacturer, Bus Shelter, BRT, Transit Shelter, Economy, Ball State University, Bus Transit System

According to a Ball State University study, investing in a bus transit systems will create a positive impact for the economy.  The study, titled "The impact of bus transit on employee turnover: Evidence from quasi-experimental samples" was written by Ball State...

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