Solar Powered Bus Shelters to Add USB Charging Ports

Modern Eclipse bus stop shelter for SMART with glass walls, glass roof, LED lighting, solar lighting package.

Riders of SMART (Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation) will soon find solar powered USB charging ports in transit shelters throughout greater metro Detroit.  SMART has long purchased solar powered lighting systems from Brasco but recently added the USB enhancement to their most recent 2016 shelter procurement.  The addition of charging ports is aimed to improve ridership equity and represents SMART’s ongoing efforts as a green energy agency.   Each Eclipse model transit shelter features a flex solar panel, LED security light and two USB charging ports. 

USB charging ports can be integrated into any new shelter design or retrofitted into existing shelters.  When ordering a solar lighting retrofit, consider the add-on of a USB charger as a transit stop enhancement.  For stops without shelters, USB ports can be pole mounted onto freestanding bus stop lights like Brasco’s SolStop™.