Custom Designs


custom design bus stop transit shelters and bike shelter, covered walkways and canopies, made in USA by BRASCO

Customers hear "custom" and associate it with "more expensive."  In reality, the majority of custom shelters we design and fabricate are value-engineered designs that have been tailored to meet a certain budget.  Custom shelters can be as economically basic or as innovative as desired.  Our engineering team will work with you to create the shelter that best suits both your brand image and project budget. 

Brasco's Studio B Design team offers 35 years of expertise in custom design-build engineering.  Our designers specialize in Auto CAD and Inventor programming, enabling us to provide 3D renderings of custom designs prior to fabrication.   We collaborate with outside designers, architects and engineers to develop tailored structures and streetscape amenities.  Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility offers CNC machinery and professionally certified tradesmen to produce optimal quality and precision.      

References for all past custom design work is available upon request. For more photos and details on our custom designs please visit our Portfolio page.

For a quote or to speak directly with a Brasco consultant, please call (313) 393-0393 or email us here.             


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