Below are highlights from our 35 year portfolio of various transit, retail and custom shelter designs.  Select the category below to narrow down the projects that most interest you.  

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Custom shelter manufacturer, made in MI, USA, community shelter & bus / transit manufacturer, Meets Buy America & Buy American requirements

Architectural Aluminum Enclosed Structure for Solanus Casey Center

Founded in 1883, the Detroit Capuchin Monastery was no longer able to light candles in the historic chapel where Healing Services are regularly held. We were asked to design an outdoor structure that would allow worshipers to participate in candle-lighting services in a climate controlled... Continue Reading.

Custom bus stop shelter with laser cut imagery. Half drum barrel roof with under canopy night lighting.  Made in USA, Meets Buy America

Custom Branded Aluminum Commuter Shelters for City of Weston

Incorporated in 1996, the City of Weston is one of South Florida’s most desirable communities and prides itself in quality of lifestyle. Distinctive in visual appearance, the landscape features rows of prestigious Royal Palms and lush foliage. When the need for commuter shelters arose, it was... Continue Reading.

smoking shelter, transit shelter, waiting shelter, buy american shelter, made in USA, bus shelter manufacturer Brasco International

Classic Designed Smoking Shelters for Henry Ford Hospital

Brasco designed several smoking shelters for the Henry Ford Hospital in West Bloomfield, MI.  They all in place to accomodate visitors, and compliment the hospital architecturally.  They are a simple yet classy design of a powder coated standing seam hip roof on aluminum SlimLine frames wtih... Continue Reading.

Custom bus stop shelter, modern design by Brasco International, Portland, OR, Made in USA, Meets Buye American

Custom LED High Capacity Bus Shelter for Trimet

As a partner in the City’s Jackson Street Improvement Project, TriMet installed new state-of-the-art bus shelters (one on each side of the street), complete with arrival displays, leaning rails, benches, an integrated windscreen design and LED lighting for safety.  The City of Milwaukie... Continue Reading.

Modern bus stop shelter, solar powered bus shelter, interlude, black bus shelter, florida bus shelter, broward county bus shelter, made in usa bus shelter, florida bus stop, Florida Dept of Transportation (FDOT) - Broward County Transit, bus shelter rendering

Solar Powered Canopy Shelter for FDOT

The Interlude shelter was originally designed for Broward County Transit in Broward County, FL.  These shelters include solar panels, LED lighting, rear and side perforated windscreens, schedule holder and benches.  Powder coated aluminum frame that will enver rust and is engineered to meet 175... Continue Reading.