Mar 02 2015

“This idea can succeed where other public transportation ideas have failed in Greenville…” says Greenville Councilman Fred Payne

Soon Say bye to BRT and Hello to PRT. Brt, PRT, Transit, Transit Shelter, Bus Stop, Bus Rapid Transit, Personal Rapid Transit

Originally published by Nathaniel Cary, Greenville Online.

If you don’t like the “public” in public transit, then you should consider moving to Greenville, South Carolina where transit is becoming more personalized. Along with three other companies, 2getthere of the Netherlands,...

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Feb 25 2015

Public to Get Say on Name of New Transit Facility

Public to Get Say on Name of New Transit Facility. Transit, Port Huron, Bus Stop, BRT, Transit Shelter, Bus Station, Blue Water Area Transit

Originally Published by Tony Wittkowski, The Times Herald

The Blue Water Area Transit is soon to open a new Transit station in Port Huron, MI. With 3.8 acres of land to build on, Anita Ashford, the board's vice chairwoman and Port Huron councilwoman felt the...

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Feb 23 2015

Wi-Fi for Riders on City Buses?

Wi-Fi for Riders on City Buses? Bus, Bus Stop, Transit, LADOT, OCTA, Wi-Fi, Connected, BRT

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) is now testing Wi-Fi on some selected routes in the city. In its effort to keep commuters connected, LADOT is monitoring the usage coverage, reliability and potential for this expansion.

Back in 2013, LADOT announced the proposed plan to bring Wi-Fi to the transit system. They...

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Feb 18 2015

Bike Racks Soon to be a Thing of the Past?

Are Bike Racks Soon to be a Thing of the Past? Bike Racks, Bike Shelters, Transit Shelters, Transit, Biking, Cyclist

Orignially Posted by Co.Exist

With more and more commuters forsaking their motor vehicles and joining the bicycle club, there seems to be more of a push to create bike shelters opposed to parking garages. In fact, out in Stockholm, there are future plans to build a biking garage instead...

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Feb 16 2015

Is Uncle Sam History?

The Uncle Sam Bus Stop May Be History. transit, transit shelters, Bus Stop, Uncle Sam Bus Stop, CDTA, Temple University

Originally published by Kenneth C. Crowe II of

Last Friday, a Temple University study for a new transit center was awarded a $10,000 grant by the Troy Local...

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