May 03 2016

Central Ohio Transit Authority Bus Rapid Transit Project

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As a part of the Central Ohio Transit Authority’s (COTA) Cleveland Avenue BRT project, Brasco was selected to provide a custom shelter and marker for the new line's prototype. In partnership with COTA and OHM Architects, the new BRT shelters will go live in January of 2018. The shelters, fabricated completely in aluminum, will be 28 feet long and feature a matching bench, leaning rail and...

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Mar 17 2016

Advanced Digital Bus Stop Solution

Digital Bus Stops by Brasco International and CHK America

CHK America in partnership with E ink, present the Digital Bus Stop(DBS) at the Digital Signage Expo 2016 in Las Vegas.  The DBS 

CHK America’s Connectpoint® DBS is a simple, hands-off bus stop solution that provides transit agencies with more flexibility, reduced maintenance, and...

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Mar 10 2016

Solar Powered Bus Shelters to Add USB Charging Ports

Modern Eclipse bus stop shelter for SMART with glass walls, glass roof, LED lighting, solar lighting package.

Riders of SMART (Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation) will soon find solar powered USB charging ports in transit shelters throughout greater metro Detroit.  SMART has long purchased solar powered lighting systems from Brasco but recently added the USB enhancement to their most recent 2016 shelter...

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Mar 02 2016

Custom Transit Stations Open in New York

Custom Transit Shelter for RTS, Brasco is a manufacturer of bus rapid transit (BRT) shelters, bus stop and transit shelters and custom shelters. All Made in USA.

Originally published by: RTS

The Regional Transit Service (RTS), University of Rochester Medical Center and...

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Jan 28 2016

Downtown Pittsburgh Adds New Solar Powered Bus Shelter

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Originally published by Melissa Daniels of the Tribune-Review.

Downtown Pittsburgh has upgraded their Smithfield Street bus stop into a new open-air “superstop.” The Smithfield Street stop, at the corner of Sixth Avenue is ...

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